A new sort of quiet book

A quiet book puzzle

I’ve wanted to make a quiet book for years and I finally did so, and gave it to my one-year-old grandson for Christmas. It’s actually a bit advanced for a one-year-old, but I was interested to see that his four-year-old sister and three-year-old cousin were fascinated by it, so I’m hoping that he will enjoy it when he’s a bit bigger.

I wanted to make it as a bit of a puzzle, so I made each page is a double door with a lock to be opened. The pages open from the centre.

The materials

I started by collecting all my bits of felt and fleece together, to make the pages. I also found a couple of remnants of wool from making dressing gowns many years ago. The cover is made of this, as is the purple page.

Then I searched my drawers for old buckles, buttons, zips etc.
I’m a bit of a squirrel when it comes to saving things from old clothes and I have a vast collection of this kind of thing, including those snap fasteners used to attach the straps on my (long grown up) children’s dungarees.

The pages

I matched the materials to make double sided pages, and cut out rectangles 20×30 cm. The longer sides being horizontal.

Except for the last one I cut the pages in two.  
I kept the pages double as I found it a bit of a brain twister to remember where to sew what.

Everything had to be kept towards the centre of the book as the sides were going to be sewn together.
Of course, once I’d pinned the right bits on I separated them to do the actual sewing.

On the front of each page (in this case the white page) I sewed the fastening.

On the back (the green page) I sewed the activity.

I sewed round three sides of each page, leaving the hinge side open.


Once I’d finished all this I cut pieces of cardboard to fit inside the double-sided pages and inserted them.

The last page is in three pieces. Red on the front and white on the back. Joined together with zips. Cardboard inserted for stiffening.

When the zips are opened the middle flap pulls down and the butterfly pops out.
It’s attached to the back cover, which is made up of two whole layers, black on the inside and blue on the outside, with cardboard for stiffening.

This is the mechanism, taken from here: https://technologystudent.com/designpro/popup1.htm

Once the pages were complete I sewed everything together along both outside edges.

Here is the completed book.

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