Blue Troll’s Broken Berry Rod

In which Blue Troll and the others perform a rescue and a mystery is solved …

Where is Blue Troll’s berry picker and why is Red Dragon stuck up a tree? This is the first book in the troll stories series. The stories are funny and easy to follow, with large print and colourful pictures. Suitable for children of about three to six years old.

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 Blue Troll preview 1

Besti and Lula the dog

Besti and Lula were going for a walk in the woods one day when they met a big, blue troll.

Blue Troll berry picking

‘Hello,’ said Besti, ‘what are you doing?’ ‘I’m catching blueberries,’ said ….Blue Troll. ‘But,’ said Besti, ‘why don’t you pick the blueberries with your fingers?’ ….‘Aah,’ said Blue Troll again, ‘this is a special berry rod with a berry catcher on the end of it, and it picks the berries for me’. ‘Goodness gracious!’ said Besti, ‘How very useful.’ ….

Blue Troll sleeping

His basket was soon full and he was looking forward to having the blueberries for his dinner later. The sun was shining and he was getting very sleepy. He laid his berry rod down across a nearby pool and went to sleep under some bushes. After a while he woke up again feeling hungry, so he sat up and ate a few blueberries. Then he went over to the pool.

broken rod

‘Oh no!’ he said, for he saw that his berry rod was broken. ‘Oh no!’ he said again, for the berry line with the berry catcher on the end of it was gone. Just then Besti and Lula came back down the path. ‘Look!’ said Blue Troll, ‘My berry rod is broken and my berry line has gone!’ ‘Goodness gracious!’ said Besti, ‘Well, I’d better help you look for it.’ So they started looking all around together.

Preview 2

Blue Troll thinking

‘Hello,’ said Water Troll, for that was who he was. He looked up into the tree, ‘What’s the matter, Red Dragon?’ he called.  ‘Whoosh … my wings won’t flap, hoosh …I can’t fly, I’m stuck,’ wailed the dragon. ‘Well,’ said Water Troll, ‘we’d better come up and have a look’. ‘Come up and have a look?’ said Yellow Troll, ‘How can we come up and have a look? Red Dragon is right at the top of the tree and we can’t climb trees.’ They turned and looked at Besti. ‘I can’t climb trees either,’ said Besti hurriedly. Blue Troll didn’t say anything, because he was having a very hard think, and after a while he had a brilliant idea.

Troll tower

We must make a tower,’ he said, ……. So that was what they did, and they wibbled and wobbled like anything, but now they were tall enough to reach Red Dragon. At least, Besti was. ‘Ummm, how do you do?’ said Besti nervously, having never met a dragon before and now suddenly finding herself nose to nose with one. Red Dragon was looking so unhappy, however, with such a large tear running down her cheek, that Besti forgot to be nervous and looked to see what was wrong with Red Dragon’s wings.

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