Blue Troll and the Manycorns

In which Blue Troll gets out of his tizzy and starts to think

Blue Troll is out walking one day, in the woods where he lives, When he finds a family of manycorns. Manycorns are very beautiful animals, they are shining white, with flowing, turquoise manes and tails. They look a bit like unicorns, but they have five horns instead of only one, which is, of course, why they are called manycorns. But something is not right, the mother manycorn is unable to get up, and when Blue Troll realises why, he needs to find help as fast as he can.

Troll Stories

A family of manycorns

Blue Troll started to flap, and fluster, and fuss, he was all in a tizzy.

Flap and fluster

Blue Troll in a tizzy

Then he remembered what to do to get out of the tizzy again. He took three slow, deep breaths. Then he started to think. And what he thought was ‘Get Help.’

Running for help

So he ran as fast as he could, through the woods, looking for help……..He was running so fast that he nearly crashed right into his friend Besti. She and her grandchildren were going to have a picnic in the woods.

landing with a bump

……..Blue Troll stopped so suddenly that he fell over backwards and landed with a bump on the ground. ‘Goodness gracious!’ said Besti. ‘Whatever are you doing?

carrying the children

Blue Troll needed to puff a bit first, but when he got his breath back he told them about the manycorns, and needing help…..So they all hurried back the way Blue Troll had come.

Yellow and Red

When they got to the clearing, Yellow Troll and Red Troll were still sitting on the ground…..

going for a ride

The father manycorn was so glad that he took the children for a magical ride to say thank you. He was so soft and silky that it felt as if they were floating on air.

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