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The books first arose when Besti and her dog Lula, who like going for walks in the woods, came upon a deep dark pool surrounded by trees. “Just the place to find a troll,” thought Besti and she took a picture. A few days later she saw a bush, which, as she watched, slowly turned into a troll. Besti took another picture. Trolls, as you know, come in many shapes and sizes, from scary ones with tails and enormous noses, to sweet little ones with coloured hair. But what  you may not know, is that they were originally trees and bushes, and that is what the trolls in these stories most resemble. They were, indeed, disguised as trees and bushes when Besti first found them, and they only revealed themselves as trolls when it became clear to them that Besti could see them anyway.

After that,  more trolls, and other unusual creatures kept popping up all over the place, and they started to turn into stories in Besti’s head. The stories insisted on being written down, and Besti, cautiously, did so, and read them to her grandchildren. Her grandchildren rather liked the stories, so Besti wondered how she could turn them into books. She was out googling one day, and lo and behold, she came upon a place called CreateSpace, which did the whole thing for her, and not only that, but sold the books on Amazon too. So to Besti’s surprise, she has turned into an indie author and there are five little stories for children available.

If you want to see how everybody emerged from out of the trees and bushes, have a look at Pictures of the Trolls.

The books are available from Amazon UK and Amazon USA