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Read about all the books in the series:

Blue Troll’s Broken Berry Rod
Rainbow Duck and the Burglar Birds
When Orange Troll Couldn’t Climb Trees
The Rainbow Cake
Blue Troll and the Manycorns
Troll Stories Collection – five books in one

Blåtroll og den ødelagte bærpinnen
Regnbueand og røverfuglene
Da Oransje troll fikk høydeskrekk
Blåtroll og femhjørningene
Trollfortellinger samling – fem bøker i en

troll stories collection

There now follows a lot of blurb, feel free to skip to the next page.

According to advice from the experts, in order to be found by search engines, one needs to write a lot of blurb, preferably every day, which apparently the search engines like. I’ve yet to meet an actual human being who has the time or interest to read it, so it’s a mystery to me how the “influencers” manage to influence anyone at all. It is in fact only recently that I discovered that an influencer was not someone spreading influenza. (In my defence, I’d only seen the word written in Norwegian in which “influenser” the person, and “influensa” the illness are spelt practically the same)

That being said, I would like Troll Stories to be found by search engines, which is why I’ve been using a programme called Yoast, which tells me just what I need to do to make my website visible, and one of the things it says is that I need at least 300 words on each page. Let me see if my blurb has now reached that magic number. Yes, 314 words. Perfect!

And don’t forget