Rainbow Duck and the Burglar Birds

What has happened to Rainbow Duck? When Blue Troll, Yellow Troll and Water Troll go to visit her they find her nest all torn and broken.

Beside the nest is a little red troll, and she is crying.

‘Help, help!’ cries Red Troll, ‘Something terrible must have happened to Rainbow Duck. Look at her nest! It’s all in a mess, and Rainbow Duck NEVER leaves her nest in a mess!’…

Blue Troll, Yellow Troll, Water Troll and Red Troll all set off in different directions to find Rainbow Duck and discover who has broken her nest.

  1. Blue Troll’s Broken Berry Rod
  2. Rainbow Duck and the Burglar Birds
  3. When Orange Troll Couldn’t Climb Trees
  4. The Rainbow Cake
  5. Blue Troll and the Manycorns