Blue Troll’s Broken Berry Rod

A mystery story for small children involving three colourful trolls and a sad red dragon. Where is Blue Troll’s magic berry picker and why is Red Dragon stuck at the top of a tree? In “Blue Troll’s Broken Berry Rod”, granny Besti and Blue Troll meet for the first time. Blue Troll, who has been picking blueberries, goes to sleep under a bush. He wakes up to find his berry rod broken and his magic berry picker gone, Besti and her dog Lula help him look for it. They meet Yellow Troll and Water Troll along the way, then they have to help Red Dragon, and solve the mystery of where Blue Troll’s berry picker has got to.

Blue Troll has a brilliant idea, which leads to an exciting rescue, and an answer to the mystery that no one could have guessed!

This is the first book in the Troll Stories series. The stories are funny and easy to follow, with large print and colourful pictures. Suitable for children of about three to six years old.

  1. Blue Troll’s Broken Berry Rod
  2. Rainbow Duck and the Burglar Birds
  3. When Orange Troll Couldn’t Climb Trees
  4. The Rainbow Cake
  5. Blue Troll and the Manycorns