The Rescue of the Manycorn Foals

Rescue of foals

The foals are in danger, there is no time to lose! Sophia and Ella join the manycorns in a wild race to save them before it is too late.

When Sophia and Ella are just about to turn 11 and 9, they have an adventure that is so amazing that they don’t really believe it, even when it is happening. A magic valley appears at the end of their grandparent’s garden, a herd of manycorns in distress come galloping in, and the children are taken on a thrilling ride to the rescue of the stolen foals. Obstacles must be overcome along the way, and the children must use their wits and all their strength to help the beautiful, unicorn-like creatures with five turquoise horns on their heads. Deep in a mountainside, the thief must be stopped before the foals are lost forever. An exciting short story, with colour illustrations, for children of about 6 to 10 years old.