A mystical phone call

My phone rang this morning, very briefly, and then stopped. I looked at the ‘missed calls’ list and there was a number with Albania written under it. Albania? Who do I know in Albania? ‘Help,’ I thought, ‘someone’s trying to con me, steal my identity, make me buy something I don’t want, trick me into giving them my money…….’   So I deleted the number.

There are many scenarios, it’s a pity we have to automatically assume the worst nowadays. So I’ve decided, instead, that it was a child, playing with her mother’s phone.

I had such a call once before, from my niece in England, in the pre-mobile phone days when it cost a fortune to ring Norway from England. I wanted to get my sister’s attention so that she could replace the receiver, and I had a very frustrating conversation, in which I kept saying ‘Kate, where’s Mummy? Can you get Mummy?’ And Kate kept whispering ‘Dada  dadada’ in that endearing way babies do, and breathing noisily into my ear.

I’m afraid I gave up in the end, and I never did know what that call cost.

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