When Orange Troll Couldn’t Climb Trees

Orange Troll had a fearful frightOrange Troll cover

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When granny Besti’s scarf blows up into a tree, Orange Troll wants to help her get it back. Orange Troll used to climb trees all the time, but something frightened her so much that now she no longer dares. Find out what it was that frightened her, and how Besti helps her get over her fright in this book, the third in the Troll Story series.

From Orange Troll

One  very windy day, when the trees in the woods were swaying backwards and forwards, and the branches were swishing up and down, Besti and Lula were out walking, and they were getting blown about all over the place.

Orange scarf

One especially long branch swished down beside Besti and grabbed hold of her scarf, and then an especially strong gust of wind came by and blew the scarf up into a tree.

Orange reaching

She took hold of a branch and pulled herself up a bit, then she stretched up with her other arm. But, even though her arms were long, she couldn’t reach the scarf.

‘Perhaps you could climb up?’ asked Besti hopefully.

‘Oh, no,’ said Orange Troll, looking rather sad, ‘I can’t climb trees.’

Besti was surprised, because Orange Troll looked like just the sort of troll who would be able to climb trees. Her arms were long, and her fingers were long, and her toes were long too.

Orange crying

‘Boo hoo HOO! And I do so WANT to climb trees,’ she sobbed.

‘Oh dear oh dear oh dear,’ said Besti, pulling out her hanky and trying to mop up Orange Troll’s enormous tears.

Orange spinning

Grabbing hold of Besti she swung her round and round.

‘Stop!’ squeaked Besti, feeling rather dizzy……

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