Pictures of the trolls

Pictures of the trolls when they were still disguised as bushes

Here are the first pictures that Besti took. There are Blue Troll, Red Dragon, Yellow Troll and Water Troll, who are all to be found in book one, ‘Blue Troll’s Broken Berry Rod‘.

Besti and Lula the dog

They all appeared of their own accord, the original pictures show them when they were disguised as bushes. The very first picture of all was of the troll pool, deep and dark and magical. The second picture was of Blue Troll. Then one day the troll pool had a pole lying beside it. The day after, the pole was broken and lying across it, as you can see in the original picture. That’s what started the stories rolling.

Pictures Blue bush

Pictures Yellow bush

Pictures Water

Pictures dragon tree

Pictures fishing bush

Pictures troll pool

Here are the first pictures of Rainbow Duck and Purple Troll. Rainbow Duck’s story is in the second book ‘Rainbow Duck and the Burglar Birds‘. It all came about when one day Besti went to visit her and she was no longer there. There was only a pile of logs and sticks. Besti started to wonder where she had gone. Red Troll is also in this story, she started out pink, because Sophia, aged three at the time, wanted a pink troll. She became red, however, to be included in the colours of the rainbow.

Pictures duck log

Pictures purple bush

Book three is about Orange Troll, a tree troll who couldn’t climb trees. In book four “The Rainbow Cake,” she joins the other trolls, and Indigo Troll is introduced, making seven, and completing the colours of the rainbow. Besti’s two eldest grandchildren also come into this story. Since the first book ‘Blue Troll’s Broken Berry Rod’ came out, five more grandchildren have joined the flock, so now there are seven. Five of them take part in the fifth story ‘Blue Troll and the Manycorns‘. This is about when Blue Troll finds a family of manycorns. These creatures are like unicorns, but have five horns instead of one. Here is the original picture, and the resulting drawing.

Many more pictures have followed. Friends have started to contribute trolls and other strange creatures from different parts of the world, and those stories are still taking shape. Sophia and Ella have become interested critics and fashion consultants in regard to colour of clothes and hairstyles. They have in fact both written their own troll stories.

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