The Rainbow Cake

In which Indigo is finally woken and

an egg is laid, lost, then found again.Rainbow cake, waking Indigo 

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Ella and Sophia have come to stay with granny Besti and they are going to visit Besti’s friends, the trolls, in the woods. Rainbow Duck has laid an egg so that the trolls can bake a cake, but first they must wake Indigo Troll up. This is book four in the Troll Stories series.

‘It only takes one person to make a cake,’ says Besti.

‘But it takes seven trolls,’ says Blue Troll…

‘Indigo is usually only awake at night, so waking him up during the day is difficult. They have tried all sorts of things but Indigo is still fast asleep, and the way they finally wake him up will appeal to all small children!

Preview 1

Going to wake Indigo

It was Saturday and Sophia and Ella had come to visit Besti and Lula. They were going to the woods to meet the trolls. Ella and Sophia had never met any trolls before, and the trolls had never met any children, so they were all very excited.

Before waking Indigo

Besti, Sophia and Ella walked through the woods until they came to the troll pool, and there were Blue Troll, Yellow Troll, Water Troll, Red Troll, Purple Troll and Orange Troll. Sophia and Ella and the trolls said hello to each other; they were a little bit shy at first, but then Orange Troll let Ella and Sophia sit on her shoulders and swing from a big branch, and after that no one felt shy any more.

With Rainbow Duck and egg

Rainbow Duck was sitting on the grass; she had laid one of her rainbow eggs so that the trolls could make a cake. Sophia and Ella sat down beside her and stroked her feathers, and Rainbow Duck quacked hello…..

Preview 2

Bouncing on Indigo

Purple Troll lifted them up in his enormous hands and put them on Indigo’s big, soft, bouncy tummy and they bounced and bounced and bounced. At last one of Indigo’s eyes opened, and then the other, and he raised his head. ‘Why,’ he asked, ‘are there children bouncing on my tummy?

Indigo, children and Rainbow Duck

Purple Troll set Ella and Sophia down carefully on the ground and Indigo got up. He climbed the hill to where Rainbow Duck was sitting, but her egg was not there! Indigo scratched his head, ‘‘I thought there was an egg,’ he said. ‘There WAS an egg,’ said Blue Troll in surprise.

Bowled over

…she rolled the egg down the hill straight towards Besti. Lula and the egg came so fast that they crashed into Besti and knocked her right over. ‘Goodness gracious!’ said Besti, with her glasses askew and feeling a little dazed.

Round egg, Indigo and others

Now, trolls don’t make cakes in the ordinary way, they use magic instead….

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