The Animals’ Boat Trip and Lionhearted Mouse


Two charming rhyming stories about the ten animal friends from the earlier book “The Animal’s Picnic”.



In the first story, the animals build a boat and go for a sail:
With some food in a basket to eat on the way,
all the animals got on the boat,
and then Bear, with a push, sent the boat through the spray.
They were off, on the water, afloat!
But when the wind gets up and they want to go home they find that the boat is difficult to steer, they’re also not sure quite where they are.

In the second story, Mouse, who is small and timid and not very strong, has an adventure all on his own, and gets very frightened, but it ends well and Mouse discovers an important thing about himself:
Mouse was so glad when at last he could see
his own tree and his very own house.
Now he knew that although he was small he could be
a courageous and lionhearted mouse!

With bright illustrations and a rhythmic rhyming text, these stories are a joy to read aloud again and again.