The Animals’ Picnic

Animals picnicThe Animals’ Picnic and other rhyming stories for children is a wonderful book of poems for children. Each one tells a story about the ten animal friends. Small children will love the bright pictures and older children will enjoy hearing the rhythmic verses, or even reading them to themselves.

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From the animals' picnic In the first poem the ten animals go on a picnic together, during which Mouse falls through a crack in the rocks and can’t get back out. Bear comes up with a clever rescue and all ends happily, much to everyone’s relief.
Historien om Bever The second story is about Beaver who decides to try to fly like the birds, so he jumps off a cliff using rhubarb leaves as wings. The results seem disastrous, but not at all, Beaver is delighted.
poem about Monkey Then Monkey goes out and gets hopelessly lost in the fog. She meets two friends and they learn that being together makes everything a lot less frightening.
Tortoise finds that a wild boar has eaten all the flowers in the fields, and on top of that, he wants to eat her too. Luckily, being a tortoise, she is able to hide.

Hare gets a fright in the next story, when he realises that his fur has turned white. He doesn’t understand what has happened until he visits a ptarmigan who explains the mystery to him and shows him how to hide from danger.

Duck becomes ill with pain and a fever and all her friends gather to help her get well again, doing what they can, whether they big or small.

All the animals live in different places, some in nests, some on or under the ground. In the last story they visit each other and see how suitable the homes are for their natural inhabitants, but not for anyone else.

  1. Blue Troll’s Broken Berry Rod
  2. Rainbow Duck and the Burglar Birds
  3. When Orange Troll Couldn’t Climb Trees
  4. The Rainbow Cake
  5. Blue Troll and the Manycorns
  6. Troll Stories Collection

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