Writing a book

I have spent the last ten days or so at my daughter’s house, awaiting the birth of their third child. While there I put this little anecdote on my Troll Stories Facebook page:

‘My second granddaughter decided yesterday to help me write a new story. So we started off with a very hot day and Besti, the children and the trolls all going to the lake in the woods to swim. At this point Ella decided she would be the one doing the typing and progress slowed somewhat. However, once she’d found out where the letters and the space bar were, and with a few suggestions from me about spelling and the insertion of a vowel or two every so often, we were well away. A bit of explanation was also necessary about how English spelling is not phonetic, as Norwegian spelling tends to be. But when you’re five and a half, such things are immaterial, and ‘saw’ being spelt ‘sor’ seems much more sensible (as indeed it is).
Anyway, we wrote five sentences, and so the story has begun. We have a plot, a start and an ending, who could want more?’

We continued our writing during the following days. Ella decided that Bestefar should be included in the story, and so he was inserted, the reason for the waterless lake was found, and the villains of the piece were soon to be identified.

All our attention became diverted, however, by the arrival of the baby brother last Monday, and my sojourn there ended at the end of the week.
However, the story is safely saved, and on my next visit will be continued.

My first granddaughter is now very interested in the concept of writing a story with me. I need never worry about sources of inspiration it seems.

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